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Reviews can be helpful in understanding if a book is for you. The following screen shot shows reviews on the PageMasterPublishing.ca web store for Tom’s book on February 27, 2023

reviews of Ranching Like a 12-year-old

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Ranching Like a 12-Year-Old includes links to some videos through QR codes. The quick response codes allow readers to scan and view videos illustrating the content on select pages of the paperback.

The following image from Ranching Like a 12-Year-Old shows a QR code at the bottom of p. 140:

Why and How?

Many have labeled Ranching Like a 12-Year-Old a “handbook for ranching“, since it aims to enhance the knowledge of both new and old ranchers, and others who might be interested in the field of ranching.

These videos are significant as there are different types of learners, such as auditory learners, visual learners, and learners who are a mix of both.

In the paperback, there are 10 videos linked through QR codes. QR Codes are machine-readable digital barcodes which, when scanned and read, generate links to a website or an application containing essential information relating to an item.

Each video contains useful ranching information on different topics such as, fencing, building gate handles, breaking up packed snow, night shedding, and more. Pages with embedded videos include, pp.60,62,67,71,92,140, 155, 158,160,180.

Accessing the Videos

Most smartphones support QR codes, however one might need to install an app.

To view the videos, one either scans the QR code using an app – most of which are free, or scans it using a device with an in-built QR code scanner. Android users often need to download a QR code scanning app such as, QR Droid, NeoReader, etc while iOS users usually don’t since most iOS devices have an in-built QR code scanner in their “Camera” app.

If downloading the app, simply open the app and place the device in front of the QR code, making sure that the camera screen is centered on the code itself and not on the surrounding background. Once the code has been scanned, a link to the video will pop-up on the browser. The same process applies when using an iOS device with an in-built scanner, except that “Scan QR Codes” would have to be activated in the camera settings.

The mixed-media format of Ranching Like a 12-Year-Old accommodates different types of ranchers and learners as readers have the option of acquiring some knowledge by reading parts of the book, and then acquiring the rest by watching the videos. In essence, its format gives room for flexible learning. Although, readers must bear in mind that one format can’t replace the other. Both the paperback and the videos are important towards understanding the concepts outlined in the book.

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Like a 12-year-old started one summer with two
eager ranch hands. Here Tiffany, Heather, Tia and Tom
enjoy a break.

Here is some background on how I came to think the way I do. In January 2000, before we began farming, my wife and I attended a Holistic Resource Management (HRM) course. That summer we started grazing hogs, cattle, laying hens, turkeys, and horses. At the course, we were taught to keep our costs as low as possible.

Following this thinking, we didn’t build any permanent fence or water systems; we built temporary paddocks and hauled water daily. Although we were in awesome shape, the labour involved was crazy!

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Ranching Like a 12-Year-Old

Ranching Like a 12-Year-Old

Posted By on Jul 28, 2022

Looking to improve your ranch and save time and money? In Ranching Like a 12-Year-Old, author Tom Krawiec shares his knowledge and experience to help you improve your grass, your herd, and your operations.

  • understand the “sweet spot” and how planning can significantly improve yields
  • how-to with paddocks and grazing charts
  • water and fencing hacks for creating the space
  • managing the herd, including multi-species mob grazing
  • options on stockpiling for winter that save work
  • tips on operations and economics
  • make a living using less land in a way that not only preserves, but improves the earth

$34.95 US | $44.99 CAN

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