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Ranching Like a 12-Year-Old

Ranching Like a 12-Year-Old

Posted By on Jul 28, 2022

Looking to improve your ranch and save time and money? In Ranching Like a 12-Year-Old, author Tom Krawiec shares his knowledge and experience to help you improve your grass, your herd, and your operations.

  • understand the “sweet spot” and how planning can significantly improve yields
  • how-to with paddocks and grazing charts
  • water and fencing hacks for creating the space
  • managing the herd, including multi-species mob grazing
  • options on stockpiling for winter that save work
  • tips on operations and economics
  • make a living using less land in a way that not only preserves, but improves the earth

$34.95 US | $44.99 CAN

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Reviews can be helpful in understanding if a book is for you. The following screen shot shows reviews on the web store for Tom’s book on February 27, 2023

reviews of Ranching Like a 12-year-old

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